Thank you for all the reblogs, it helps a lot :)

Thank you for the nice things that you’ve all said about my art :D

Commissions are still up and they will remain up until I post something otherwise hah.


Another sketch example.

Reblogging to give it another try. Only got one commission request from the last time.

Another sketch example.

After the surprising feedback, I made an example of a finished sketch to show what you will be paying for.

Currently accepting sketch commissions through my email: grosumario@gmail.com

Payment is made through my Paypal email: mario0grosu@yahoo.com (or by hitting the ‘donate’ button on my tumblr page)

I’m kind of in a big pinch,

would anybody commission me if I put up $5 sketch commissions of anything?

Cruella de Vil with swatch no.1

First in the batch. 

Elsa with swatch no. 9

I went to a medieval market on the outskirts of town a couple of weeks ago :)

Third day of ‘Intro to Maya’ 

We had to model a character from Game of Thrones in a scene :D

Roughly one day spent on making this.

Summer holiday!

Today starts my summer holiday, I will get to making all the color meme requests :)

Hit me up with one of these :)

Teaser for my last animation assignment this school year. :D

Only 3.5 weeks left of the semester! 

After Effects animation assignment :)

The Short Short Film I worked on as Animation Lead :D

I worked with a group of 5 other people and I did the storyboard and animated 5 out of 12 shots, while supervising the animation.

Quick character design for a school assignment. :)