Been reading The KingKiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. Here’s Kilvin the master forger.

Took this one a bit further - 

Changed the design a bit :)


I am considering doing a gumroad video soon. :)

Is there anything people would specifically like a tutorial for? 


An assignment from my first weeks in Maya :)

Drawing break from animating in Maya :)

A sketch that I took a bit further :)

Sketching break from animating in 3D 



Today we’ve reached over 500 followers! Thus, we decided that this is an excellent occasion to hold our first give away!
To take part simply reblog this post and you’ll get a chance to win a set of goodies straight from Denmark’s animation heart!

The rules are nice and simple:
only reblogs count (spread the love!), however no giveaway blogs are allowed!
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- your askbox must be open in order for us to contact you - remember that you’ll have to share your name and address in order to allow us to send you the prize; all post will be paid for!

At 7pm (GMT +2:00) on September 25th we will choose 5 winners using random number generator and contact them immediately after drawing the lucky people – remember to have your inbox open!

If a person won’t reply within 72 hours another winner will be chosen.  
The goodie set contains – TAW DVDs, collection of the student’s latest magazines, stress ball, postcards and buttons – everything to have you covered as a true animation lover!

Good luck!

My school is doing a giveaway :) 

I make music from time to time :)

- played with the guitar after a long hiatus

I’ve had the opportunity to have Chris Battle as a teacher for the past 2 weeks(Dexter, PPG, Samurai Jack, Dan vs, etc).

Really awesome getting to know the person who worked on the shows I grew up with and influenced me to pursue animation! :D

What I’ve been doing for the current project at school.

We have to re-art direct a movie and make a 30 second trailer with it.

Guess which movie my team got! :D

Warm up sketch to start the day

Teaser for my next animation. 

Gonna start 2nd year this Friday. This year will be all about 3D animation.

Very hyped about it!