Tried my hand at 3D sculpting again :)

Orc done in 30 minutes with a free program named Sculptris.

Character design for a 1950’s beer ad with Julia Bracegirdle.

The search continues

belbog - Hi! I just dropped by to ask whether you're planning to go to Annecy Festival this year? :)

Hello :D

Unfortunately, I’m not making any plans regarding Annecy this year.

I’m putting all my time in improving my skills here at the university. :)

First attempt at animating in Maya :)

Want to get more familiar with it, we’re going to do 3d animation in the 2nd year.

Bonnie & Clyde Layout assignment with Uri Kranot. :)

We had to do camera movement using 3d space in After Effects.

A small animation I did to try my hand at color and lineless animation in TVPaint. :)

Facebook art page!

I made a Facebook art page! Feel free to check it out :)


Batman Layout Assignment with Uri Kranot

We were supposed to learn camera movements and how to change perspective in one layout, after a Batman TAS storyboard.

Obelix dialogue assignment :)

*Bonus points to whoever gets the audio source*

Choose this character because I considered him fun to animate (nostalgia much).

It’s not done (the hair is simplified for ease of movement) and I will not work on this further because of new assignments.

I made this little animation as a fan-art for the ‘Shrug Island’ project. 

I recommend checking it out and possibly backing it up HERE :)

Dragon WIP :) 

20 min

Trying out Sculptris for the first time

Almost 1k followers :D

When I’ll reach that milestone, I’ll do a raffle with whoever of my followers likes this post and 2 persons will get a quick drawing from me with whatever they want!

Thanks a lot! :D

Quick drawing. ‘Cursed warrior’

Need to do more personal work :)

An animatic me and Tobias Larson http://tobiaslarson.tumblr.com/ made in 2 days for our storyboard week with Ignacio Ferreras.

The script is people playing basketball and then Thor hitting one of the school’s buildings :)