Warm up sketch to start the day

Teaser for my next animation. 

Gonna start 2nd year this Friday. This year will be all about 3D animation.

Very hyped about it!

Tommorow, August 14th, I’m turning 21! :D

A thing I have been working on in my spare time. :)

Thank you for all the reblogs, it helps a lot :)

Thank you for the nice things that you’ve all said about my art :D

Commissions are still up and they will remain up until I post something otherwise hah.


Another sketch example.

Reblogging to give it another try. Only got one commission request from the last time.

Another sketch example.

After the surprising feedback, I made an example of a finished sketch to show what you will be paying for.

Currently accepting sketch commissions through my email: grosumario@gmail.com

Payment is made through my Paypal email: mario0grosu@yahoo.com (or by hitting the ‘donate’ button on my tumblr page)

I’m kind of in a big pinch,

would anybody commission me if I put up $5 sketch commissions of anything?

Cruella de Vil with swatch no.1

First in the batch. 

Elsa with swatch no. 9

I went to a medieval market on the outskirts of town a couple of weeks ago :)

Third day of ‘Intro to Maya’ 

We had to model a character from Game of Thrones in a scene :D

Roughly one day spent on making this.

Summer holiday!

Today starts my summer holiday, I will get to making all the color meme requests :)

Hit me up with one of these :)