I’ve been meaning to do a 500 followers special drawing, but since with elioli’s feature, it’s blown up to 650+ ! Thank you elioli and thank you kind persons!

Schoolwork takes up all my free time so I can’t draw something for myself as of yet. (it’s 1 in the morning and i just got back from school…)

We’re doing character construction in perspective with Mike Polvani, who is the greatest teacher that anyone could wish for.

Do you guys want to see more of my assignments in the future?

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  2. monikoko said: More assignments so I can do them too, haha. I wish I had classes like that *sigh*.
  3. alexagator said: hey, have I told you already how INSANE your skills are??
  4. jennerallysleepy said: eheh! Looks great! Would love to see more!
  5. rubyspoon said: absolutely! and these characters in perspective look really sick! :)
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